W. E. Colburn - Paintings

"Bill’s paintings have a great energy to them – the expression of light and color accumulates in the mind in ways that change and grow over time. I do much of my best work surrounded by Bill’s work. To me, the paintings are companions in thinking." - John Ursu

"... the view into “Ravines” is never exactly the same. The world around the painting changes, and “Ravines” changes with it. Early-morning, eastern-cast light shines; midday light burns; dusk light smolders. So, too, does the light change with the season. Afternoon autumn light is a paradoxically muted and yet iridescent golden dust glow; afternoon winter light is wood-stove warm and cinder strong. As I’ve come to learn, flecks and streaks of paint––tangerine orange, salmon pink, pistachio green, deep goldenrod, and countless other tones (I discover new shades regularly; its color catalogue, voluminous)––sing and dance and play in distinct ways depending on light. In that sense, I suppose they’re like people." -Patrick Barry